Business Hotel «Alekseyevsky»

Leningradsky train Station: By private car or taxi — under normal conditions on the road, you will need about 20 minutes.

By public transport: bus number 714, minibus 14M, 98M, metro with transfers. The approximate travel time is 26-30 minutes.

VVC: The opportunity to quickly get to the exhibition center, which is especially important for the organizers and participants of events, as well as for tourists and guests of the city.

Within walking distance are various attractions of the capital: Ostankino Tower, Botanical Garden, Sokolniki Park, Olympic Sports Complex.

Here the main transport arteries of Moscow intersect, the hotel has metro stations, bus, trolleybus and tram stops. You can use it as a starting point for a sightseeing tour of the city.

Rizhsky, Yaroslavsky, Leningradsky and Kazansky train stations are about a 10-20-minute drive from the VVC. We offer a pick-up service at the airport and train stations and a transfer service.

From our hotel to the VVC can be reached by metro (VDNH station), by minibus, bus (route 239), tram (route 11 or 25).

Crocus Expo: By private car or taxi-about 40-50 minutes in the absence of traffic jams. The distance between the hotel and the exhibition center is 22 km.

By public transport: buses #714, minibuses 14M, 98M, 456M, metro. Please contact the hotel administrators, they will tell you which option is best to choose for a trip to a specific part of the city, specify the schedule.

Expocentre: By private car or taxi-the journey will take about 35 minutes under normal conditions. The administrator will call a taxi at the right time at your request.

By public transport. There are buses No. 714, No. 84, No. 84K, No. 12, minibuses 14M, 98M, 418M, 484M, trolleybuses No. 18, No. 42. The exact schedule of transport to the "Expocentre" can be checked with the hotel staff.

Please contact the representatives of the hotel: we will help you decide on the route, specify the schedule of transport and the opening hours of important objects of the Sokolniki Park.